Nega Sebrina is a member of The Nega Female M-san Bunch AND The Nega-Fergo Bunch. She was originally a Sebrina shiny/recolor, until Scheherazade of The M-san Bunch turned her back into a non-anthro Arbok. Nega Sebrina now wants to devour her whole, since Nega Sebrina has a vore f*tish, unlike the real Sebrina. Also, she bites off foot-f*ppers' feet (particularly, non-M-san Bunch and non-Nega-Fergo Bunch characters), since she finds feet repulsive. Luckily, no one finds this ill-tempered cobra "hot". She sneaked into "Der Führer's Army", because she wants to defeat the Ketchum Klan and Benny Bunch. Like Gilda, she is not allowed romantic satisfaction.